Scott Kepnes

Blues, Funk, Rock Harmonica

Scott Plays Harmonica together with area bands and musicians. He is available for performances and recording. Blues, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Folk, Country, JamBand.

Some of the Musicians/Bands that Scott has joined and sat in with

Way Up South, Fennario (Grateful Dead Tribute), Kyllswitch, Crazy Steve and Friends, Judy Pancoast Carpenters Tribute Concert, Stoned Wasp, Ben Rudnick and Friends, Riverside Blues Band. John Zevos, Lichen

Subconscious with The Riverside Blues Band
New Speedway Boogie -Light Show-with Crazy Steve

Basement Jams

Recorded live somewhere in New Hampshire with Stephen Smith

Scott Joins Ben Rudnick and Friends!

Scott joined Ben Rudnick and Friends, playing Harmonica, for their 20th Anniversary show, Nov. 21st 2020 at The Arlington MA Regent Theater! The show was live streamed for fans to enjoy from home. Scott had previously sat in with BR&F at the 2019 WGBH Summer-Fest. Look for Scott joining Ben Rudnick and Friends at future dates!

Ben Rudnick And Friends